A. Yes! Any donations made to Debatable Productions are tax-deductible.

Q. who can I contact about A mentorship, an internship or an audition?

A. You’re interested in being a mentor/mentee or learning some awesome stuff as an intern or a performer for one of our productions? Cool! You can contact monica@debatableproductions.com and our Executive Director Monica will get that all sorted out for you. She doesn’t bite - we promise!


Q. Where can I get tickets to your dp productions?

A. We always post links to our various ticketing websites on our homepage, our theatre page, our social media platforms, or our newsletters. You can follow us on social media, regularly check our website, and sign up for our newsletter below!


Q. Is it really only ages 16-25?

A. Yes and No. 16-25 is the age group we strive to serve, however, we have made very few exceptions in the past. If you do not meet this age bracket, feel free to contact monica@debatableproductions.com to see if it’s meant to be!


Q. Is there a person i can talk to rather than email?

A. Yes! You may contact our Development Manager Aaron at (818) 618-2222 to get a knowledgeable, cool human being on the phone.


Q. How can I donate/volunteer/help?

A. You’re so kind! You can fill out the information collection box on our “Contact Us” page - OR - you can email lilly@debatableproductions.com.


Q. Where are you guys based?

A. Wherever the wind takes us.

But in all seriousness, we are based in Los Angeles, and we tend to move around between the Valley and the East Side. (Woodland Hills/West Hills, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, Pasadena)